What our Past Guests are saying... 

Adam & Natalie, this trip was everything you said and way way more! Thank you so much for sharing this slice of heaven with us! 

- Steve & Emily

Adam and Natalie were exceptional tour guides, hosts, people, so knowledgeable, incredibly patient and a beautiful happy couple to top it off.
The attention to detail was unlike any vacation I have ever been on. A class act in every way!

~ Carolyn & Ken 

I had my doubts about going on a group tour...but my fears faded away with this intimate group. Adam's passionate knowledge and laid back personality were so enjoyable. Natalie is the perfect compliment of funny, sweet and organized. A true Joy of Italy!!!! The pace of travel, activities and dining and wine tours were all over the top. Our driver was a true professional and gentleman. Perfecto!

~ Don & Marilyn 

We are not “Tour Group” type of people but after traveling with Adam and Natalie in Northern Italy along with a few other couples this experience rates an 11! The quality of service, selection of wineries, hotels, background information, transportation, restaurant selection...outstanding. Adam and Natalie have created an exceptional environment where you are one-on-one with boutique winemakers, not a 30-minute tasting but a rich conversation about the culture and meaning of these unique family wineries embodied in the lands they cultivate and the wines they produce. This was an unbelievable experience; We can’t recommend it more. Regardless of your level of wine appreciation, you will learn and be well-versed in the plentiful selections and style of the region. And if food is your jam...seriously out of this world. Adam has found the best which represents the area, the cuisine is delicious, the preparation flawless and no one goes hungry or thirsty...this is a not to be missed experience. 

~ Anthony & Patricia (2x Joy of Italy Tour Guests!) 

This was an amazing trip!! The thoughtfulness and planning were on point from start to finish. From the amazing rooms in the castles to the dinners and wine tasting with winemakers. Thank you Joy of Italy for a wonderful two weeks. Ciao!! 

- Sid & Beverly 

Natalie and Adam helped us fall in love with northern Italy. The villages we visited, the places we slept, the food we ate, and the wine we tasted were exquisite. We can’t wait to travel with them again!

~ Buddy & Jana

Adam & Natalie we want to express our appreciation for the monumental effort you both put forth to ensure that we would make lifetime memories on this incredible trip to a region of the world we would have otherwise never explored. We can't begin to imagine how much planning was involved and all that was going on behind the scenes to make it all happen. The experience was perfectly seamless. You were both so helpful, patient and understanding. We will also forever enjoy our new found appreciation for the craftsmanship that goes into producing fine italian wines. Finally, it was just plain fun to spend this time traveling with you both it is obvious that you love this place and the work that you do!

- Dr Clayton & Julia

"What a wonderful trip! It was just magical, Natalie and Adam were awesome hosts, thank you for not only sharing your love of great food and wine but the people who shared their passion and family legacies with us. We feel like we left friends behind in Italy. Finding gluten-free items on the trip was easy, and everyone was very accommodating. I’m extremely grateful to Natalie & Adam for always making certain I had gluten-free options it meant the world to me & allowed me to relax and enjoy along with everyone else. Thanks again for the trip of a lifetime, We are looking forward to seeing you soon." 

- Tim & Kim

I went on this trip with my mom and her friends and knew very little until we got here. I was blown away by the attention to detail, the different wineries, the cities, and the excursion. Truly a delight.

~ Ellie & Betty

Adam & Natalie we are so very thankful to have experienced the beautiful vineyards and the bountiful adventures across some of your favorite places in Italy! It was truly an unforgettable experience and a trip that will be remembered over many cheers!  

- Loren & Nicole

The trip was brilliantly planned and executed, down to the tiniest detail. Adam and Natalie were perfect hosts, helpful with every request, and wonderfully flexible!

~ John & Catherine

We had high expectations for the quality of tour that Natalie and Adam would design based on their years of experience in the areas we visited. We knew they have wonderful relationships with the winemakers, vast knowledge of the regions, and impeccable taste in food and wine pairings. However, every minute of every day completely exceeded our expectations!! We can't say enough about all the thoughtful touches that went into making this an exceptional journey of delicious discovery!!

- Chris & Laura

We can't express enough how amazing this vacation was for us! We had the hardest time readjusting to life back in LA after experiencing the beautiful rhythms of Italy. Adam & Natalie were incredible hosts and this tour was a once in a lifetime experience. 

~ Dr Jack & Azniv (2 x Joy of Italy Guest)

Thank you for an incredible experience in Italy. Our days with the winemakers and their families made the trip heartwarmingly memorable. The food was extraordinary and highlighted by the company of our fellow travelers. This trip was organized like a pro, but felt very easy and natural as each day progressed. I can't thank you enough for your generosity, time and wealth of knowledge about each city, restaurant and winery we visited. 

- Gene & Jennifer

A grand time was had! Natalie and Adam did a fabulous job in organization and provided great insight and above all, they excelled in food and wine expertise! 

~ Debbie 

Thank you. You gave us the trip of a lifetime! We loved every minute.  

~ Gail & Dawn

What a joy it was to travel across Northern Italy with Adam & Natalie as our guides! Their extensive first-hand knowledge of the area and their connections to the winemakers in the region made this a truly one of a kind experience. I especially loved watching the sunset from the top of the tower in Barbaresco. It was the perfect setting to enjoy a bottle of wine with fellow travelers and watch the changing colors on the vineyards below. Another highlight was our time spent around Lake Garda. The nature beauty of this area is stunning! It is impossible to speak about this trip without mentioning the kind hospitality we experienced. All of the winery visits were outstanding in every way. Whether it was a private tasting in a candlelit cellar, a late night conversation, a walk through the vineyards, or an elegant lunch in their home, each winemaker made our visit a special occasion. Not only did I learn a lot about wine but I was able to enjoy it in a relaxing setting with wonderful people. Thank you Adam & Natalie for creating such an incredible trip! 

- Ben & Janelle

“Everything was well organized and fantastic! On a scale of 1 to 10 you guys were a 15. I honestly can't think of one thing that would have made this trip better, thank you again for everything!”

~ Carlos & Suzanne